June 2008 Top 10

01:Henrik Schwarz & Ampondo / I Exist Because Of You (Henrik Schwarz Live Version) [Innervisions]
02:Andomat 3000 / BND2 [Four:Twenty Recordings]
03:Francesco Tristano / The Melody (Carl Craig remix) [Infine Music]
04:Scott Grooves / The Journey Label [Scott Grooves Productions]
05:Minimal Man / Make A Move [Trelik]
06:Bernard Badie / Time Reveals (New remix) [Mojuba]
07:Johnny D / Soleil EP [Safari Electronique]
08:Fela Kuti / Barracuda (New Mix) [Loposer]
09:Matthias Tanzmann / Restless Remixes [Moon Harbour Recordings]
10:Hideo Kobayashi / Yuki [Nite Grooves]


Balearic classics Top 25

01: Manuel Gottsching / E2-E4 -
"This fantastic piece of music was the perfect one to play when the club opened the doors and at the same time putting things in place."

02: Henry Mancini & his orchestra / The Pink Panther theme -
"The closing theme, the one that left everybody with a smile in her face - totally a surprise the first time I played."

03: Nina Simone / My baby just care for me -
"A sexy and romantic jazz tune of all time - that made dance, even the owner of Amnesia."

04: Gilberto Gil / Toda Menhina Bahiana -
"One of the Brazilian records I play (much later came 'Belo Horizonte') and the one that every body asks for."

05: The thrashing doves / Jesus on the payroll -
"Rock and roll at its best and the one English people enjoy the most. Great track!"

06: Atahualpa 1530 / Andino -
"A key track in all my sets cos changes tempo and gives the opportunity to go from down tempo to house and at the same time, a traditional south American melody from the Indians that live the Andes mountains."

07: George Kranz / Din Daa Daa -
"Another key track to change tempo and style and for me a fantastic idea, superb! I used to play the acappella version, very short but super strong.

08: Prince / When doves cry -
"Apparently the most loved record of Prince in every chart, but very new at the time and what can I say, a poem into the most incredible peace of ultra modern funk, direct from George Clynton (not the president) school."

09: The wodentops / Well well well -
"The revolutionary track that made the club explode. Probably half of the people never understood the words but the track transmit so much power that was enough (thanks to Nello a DJ at the times)."

10: Joe Smooth / Promised lnd -
"This was perfect. The lyrics were talking about the place we were at the moment. We where there, at the promised land!"

11: Liaisons dangereuses / Los ninos del Parque -
"Belgian track with lyrics in Spanish that was a precursor of many of the techno that after came from Europe."

12: Icarus / Stone fox chase -
"For me one of the tracks that originate someway Acid music, it's my humble opinion."

13: Mike Post Feat. Larry Carlton / Theme From Hill Street Blues -
"As the pink panther theme I use it to close and was the brothers and sisters reaction again."

14: Enzo Avitabile / Black Out -
"An Italian musician from Naples that got this funk house track that I found in a warehouse in Milano and make a big time in Amnesia."

15: Barry White / It's ecstasy when you lay down next to me -
"One of the less known track from the big sexy voice that move that all of the place and give opportunity for the man and women approach."

16: Ce Ce Rogers / Someday -
"With Promised land one of that records that unified the dance floor even if the records is quite mellow, at the times was booming from the speakers."

17: Kool Moe Dee / Do you know what time is it -
"The record that announce to the people that the night was about to arrive to the end. At the beginning was took by the crowd as bad news, but later started to do his job and extra energized the last part of the night."

18: West Phillips / Tell me (that you want me) -
"The b side of s seminal house record that have a very frantic piano melody and pumping beat that put the crowd jumping from the beginning."

19: The house master boyz and the rude boy of house / House nation -
"The house record by all mean most important in Amnesia. And for a funny reason; Most of the people (that never understood well the words, think that the singer was saying Amnesia insteed of 'House Nation'. I used to play the acappella version follow by the main mix and there where night that the word Amnesia was sounding louder that the record."

20: The Night writers / Let the music (use you) -
"one of the first remixes of Frankie Knuckles that rich my hands and with the fantastic atmospheric vibe of the track we got the opportunity to give a beat of coolness and even keep dancing."

21: Depeche Mode / Just cant get enough (live version) -
"A concert version of the super song of Depeche that was one of the peaks of the nights even if played every session, mostly at the end of the party."

22: Tears for Fears / Shout -
"At the beginning of the dance , when the party start to go up Shout was a classic and perfect to mix with soul music of the times as Soul to Soul or reggae as Yellowman."

23: Soul II Soul / Fairplay -
"A classic for the reason that Jazzy B. Time before coming a big star was give in it around the discotheques in Ibiza and brought me the record one night. I had a clue idea who was it."

24: Cyndi Lauper / Time after Time -
"Another ending of the night record that spread love all over the club."

25: Grace Jones / La vie en Rose -
"The classic ballad of Edith Piaf, was remixed for Grace, that one night came to tell me; please don't play my songs while I'm here. I never care cos I don't recognize her and even the most of the people there. That was the most important spirit of Amnesia those days. No matter who you where, you are just one more on the dance floor."


All time favorite Top 10 at January 2008

01: Prince / When doves cry - "Great lyrics in a superb groove"
02: James Brown / Sex machine - "The god father of dance music"
03: Depeche Mode / Just can't get enough
04: Gilberto Gil / Toda menhina bahiana - "Samba!! Alegria!!!"
05: Adamski / Killer
06: Manuel Gottsching / E2-E4 - "The original chill out track before chill out music ever exist"
07: Bob Marley & the Wailers / Could you be loved - "An infectious love groove"
08: Octave one / Blackwater - "Seminal techno from Detroit"
09: Frankie Knuckles / Your love (With rev. M.L.King) - "The groove with a meaning"
10: Eurythmics / Sweet dreams - "And never stop dancing!!!"


Favorite of 2007 Top 10

01:Guts / And the living is easy (The Dynamics remix) [wax on] - "Happy Jamaican house music"
02:Andomat 3000 & Jan / Amygdala EP [indigo raw] - "House music at its best"
03:Clarisse Muvemba / Roses (Bangana remix) [HEYA HIFI] - "The minimal percussion"
04:Tomoyuki Yasuda / Sabit [Wave] - "Japanese latin eclecticism!!!"
05:Tony Allen / Kilode (remix by Carl Craig) [Honest Jon's] - "Love his production and specially this one"
06:Kerry Chandler / The dick dikler EP [Max Trax] - "Dirty and funky house music"
07:Einzelkind / La Fiebre del loco EP > Maferefumeco [Kindisch] - "Original sound from Switzerland"
08:Franck Roger / Yeah pretoria [Earthrumental] - "An american pearl"
09:Juzu a.k.a. Moochy / Lugar precioso > Sacred rhythm suite [Sacred Rhythm] - "Ethnical storm for the dancefloor"
10:Scott Grooves / Track 1 [Natural Midi] - "A dark groove with edge in this promo from the UK"